CNT Tokenomics

The tokenomics can be broken down as follows

  • There is a 100 Million Max Supply of $CNT. (Deflationary)

  • During the bonus period 1.3 $CNT per block will be given out via PolyDEX Farms and Pools.

  • Post bonus period, block rate of 0.75 $CNT tokens .

  • 0.05% of the exchange trade fees from PolyDEX will be sent to the CNT Converter.

CNT Converter

The CNT Converter is used for two purposes.

  1. To use the LP tokens generated by fees to buy buyback CNT tokens.

  2. To send the tokens to the Staker, Burner and Dev Address.

The CNT which is bought back will be sent in the following ratios.

  • 55% will be sent to the Burner.

  • 35% will be sent to the Staker

  • 10% will be sent to the Dev Wallet.

CNT Staker

The CNT Staker is where users can stake their CNT to receive xCNT. xCNT is the representation of the share of CNT token in the Staker contract.

xCNT is the Profit Sharing token of the Cryption Network Ecosystem.

CNT Burner

There will be a regular stream of CNT into the Burner which is deployed on Polygon.

On a weekly basis the accumulated CNT will be bridged over to Ethereum and then Burned.

As the Token is Deployed on Ethereum burns must also be done on Ethereum.

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