I'm new to crypto how do I buy CNT?

  1. Download the Cryption Network and follow the set.

    1. If you don't have an existing wallet click "Create new wallet" after installation.

    2. If you already have your seed phrase click "Import Seed Phrase"

  2. Click on the third tab and then click on Buy Crypto.

  3. You'll see a pop up. Select your currency, MATIC and the amount you wish to purchase.

  4. Follow the steps on the screen

You will need to do you KYC/AML the first time you buy crypto.

Where are the tokens be listed?

Cryption Network token CNT is available for purchase the following exchanges.

  • PolyDEX

  • Dfyn

  • UniSwap

We will be listing on Centralized exchanges soon!

Why does CNT have any value?

  • Yield farming takes up the highest stake in token distribution (60%)

  • Token ownership comes with voting privileges to help with network’s governance.

  • CNT will also be required for access to membership only product features such as access to special portfolio strategies, exclusive access to groups, creation of bets on Seer and governance on the protocol.

  • The admin fee on trades (0.05%) will be used to buyback CNT.

  • The CNT bought back will be used to burn CNT, rewarded to stakers and the some amount will be sent to the Dev Wallet.

Which blockchains does Cryption Network support?

Currently CNT and our products are on Polygon and Ethereum. We are planning to move to different chains in the future.

How do I move CNT from Polygon to Ethereum or vice vesra?

  1. Go to wallet.matic.network

  2. Give your signature using metamask to login.

  3. You can now select CNT and move to the appropriate chain.

It may take upto 3 hours to move assets from Polygon to Ethereum

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