Cryption Network roadmap

Future plans and Roadmap for upcoming products

As shown in above image, we have already accomplished some excellent feats. Cryption App is already launched along with the flagship product: PolyDEX.

PolyDEX is set to receive exciting upgrades over the period of next 30 days. Following upgrades are in Pipeline:

- Single Sided Liquidity Provision support in Farms and Exchange - Complete UI revamp after consulting UX experts to enhance the UX massively - Extensive integration of PolyDEX in Cryption mobile app - Cross Chain Liquidity Migration Tool to bring in liquidity from Ethereum - Cross chain single sided liquidity provision support. - Limit orders - No loss lotteries for xCNT tokens to keep things exciting and fun. Apart from all these upgrades in PolyDEX, team is also working on DeFi stack and Seer Prediction market. Also, Cryption App for iOS is in process. More details will be announced about these soon.

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