A completely Gasless, Instant, Cross-chain AMM DEX with Yield Farming


    Weekly Burns - Every week a percentage of the trading fees will be used to burn CNT tokens.
    One Sided Liquidity(Coming Soon)
    - Investors can add liquidity and participate in farms using only one side of the pair. Users are not required to hold both sides of tokens in a pair.
    Completely Gaseless - No more of those tremendous gas-fees, PolyDEX is completely gasless. MATIC will not be required to use the DEX or the Yield Farming.
    Elastic Farming (Coming Soon)- Every week the block rate will be dynamically calculated as a function of CNT's TWAP. Elastic farming reduces the amount of token entering into the circulating supply without reducing the value farms give out.
    Cross-Chain Interactions (Coming Soon) - Trade and move your assets/liquidity between Ethereum and Polygon seamlessly.
    Multi Reward Farms - Earn rewards in Multiple rewards which will increase the Liquidity Providers Overall APR.
    Initial Farm Offerings - IFO will offer a way to give partner projects a boost in liquidity with the use of dual farming tokens. Multireward farm created for partners will be highlighted under IFO, putting the partner project under a spolight.
If you wish to participate in the Multi Rewards Pools, please contact us on Telegram
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