Cross-Chain Farming

Deposit ETH on Ethereum and start farming rewards on Polygon in a single click!!

Guide to Cross-Chain Staking

1.Go to and select the Network as Ethereum Mainnet.

2. Now click on "Deposit ETH" on the farm you wish to deposit to.

Ether is converted into the LP token and so some slippage may apply.

3. Enter the amount of Ether you wish to enter into the farm. and click confirm on metamask.

4. There are 3 things that need to happen to for the cross chain farming to be complete and as each step happens the bubble will get filled up.

  • Initiated - The transaction has been submitted to the Ethereum Mainnet but has not been confirmed.

  • Deposited on Ethereum - Your ETH has been deposited on the Ethereum Blockchain and will be sent to Polygon shortly.

  • Staked on Polygon - Your ETH has now been staked on PolyDEX and you are now farming!!

It takes about 10-12 mins for the bridge to move your ETH to Polygon Mainnet.

5. Change your Network provider to Polygon Mainnet, and you will be able to see your LP tokens. You will also be earning farming rewards.

Cross-Chain Farming Demo

How does it work?

So now that we have got our basics sorted, lets look into exactly how cross chain farming works:

  1. User deposits ETH on the Ethereum main-net in a contract by specifying the details of the farm that user wants to enrol into.

  2. Smart contract processes the provided information and prepares the cross chain farming metadata.

  3. Triggers the POS token bridge to port ETH over to Polygon to be received on CrossChainFarming Intermediator contract.

  4. Triggers FxPortals to move the metadata from Ethereum to Polygon, again to be received on CrossChainFarming Intermediator contract.

  5. After the State Sync event has been processed by the Polygon validators, ETH and metadata both are transferred from Ethereum and received on Polygon.

  6. Intermediator contract decodes the metadata, triggers another smart contract on Polygon which converts ETH to tokens required to add liquidity in corresponding pair and get LP tokens.

  7. After the LP tokens are received, triggers PolyDEX’s core farming contract to deposit LP tokens for the user.

On PolyDEX Farms, the farm will reflect the non zero stake for users immediately once this process is completed and users will start earning farming rewards.

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