Reward Manager
The reward manager is the Smart Contract which after a cliff period will linearly vest the CNT tokens from the farm to the user.
    25% of the harvested amount from Farms (Core and Multireward) and Staking rewards will be sent to the harvester.
    The remaining amount (75%) will be vested linearly for 4 months. Vesting will start 2 months after the launch of the Reward Manager.
    If users do not try to claim their vesting rewards for the entire duration of 4 months they will get an extra 15% of CNT. (The harvest can be called to get the 25% upfront. This applies only to the vested amount.)
    Users can “Force Claim” which will forgo the Vesting, burn 35% of the token you are owed, and give you the rest.
Force Claim will burn 35% of the 75% vested if forced claimed immediately. If you force claim 35% of the amount unclaimable will be burned.
Last modified 2mo ago
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