Cryption Wallet App
The Cryption Wallet is a step to usher in Mass Adoption of Cryption Network. Most of the world uses mobiles over laptops. Our app aims to make dApps and getting into the DeFi world much more frictionl


    Not your keys, not your coin - We DO NOT hold your private keys, they are saved in your mobile device
    Secure - Fingerprint authorisation for transactions
    Polygon First - Works on Polygon by default, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain
    Seemless Integration with PolyDEX - PolyDEX can be used Gaslessly.
    Fiat On-Ramp - Buy Crypto currencies using you local currency!
    Compatible with ERC-1155 and ERC-721 Tokens.

Download on Android:

Cryption Wallet - Apps on Google Play
If you want to add your Dapp to our Dapp browser Directory or you would like to add a TokenScript for your token, do contact us on Telegram

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