Single Sided Liquidity

You can add liquidity using a single asset.

Using Single Sided Liquidity you can directly provide any of the constituent tokens or the LP token to farm with a single click.

How does Single Sided Liquidity Work?

Let's take the image above as an example.

  1. If the user has the LP token they can directly call the the approve function and then deposit normally as you do in normal farms.

  2. If you want to use MATIC click on the radio button next to "MATIC" and then click on Add Single Sided Liquidity. You can do the same with USDC after giving approval.

Adding Single-Sided Liquidity using MATIC does not require approval.

What happens to my token?

  1. Lets say you want to enter into the MATIC-USDC farm using MATIC.

  2. You MATIC is taken into our contract. This matic is then split to get a 50-50 MATIC and USDC.

  3. This is then added to PolyDEX to get the appropriate amount of LPs.

  4. Once the LPs have been generated they are on your behalf to the farm.

  5. All of this is done in a single click.

When you withdraw your LP token from the farm you will receive it as LP tokens.

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